Available Software and Resources

Name : RICS : RICS and N&B analysis for ImageJ
Description : Image J plugins for performing RICS (raster image correlation spectroscopy) analysis of image stacks, and N&B (number and brightness) analysis. The included User Manual describes installation and use. Do not hesitate to give us your comments.
Download : Latest versions of files (March 2015)
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Name : NORMS : a non-redundant membrane protein structural anotation
Description : Membrane protein architecture, stability and folding is strongly influenced by their anisotropic environment. In order to investigate the rules that link membrane protein sequence and structure the NORMS protein subset has been selected from membrane proteins of known structure and annotated according both to internal structural elements and their environment.
Download : Latest version of database files (feb 2006).
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Name : P-tuba : Projections of Transmembrane helices Using a B-spline Algorithm
Description : Projection of Transmembrane helices using a Uniform B-spline Algorithm is a visualisation tool for helical interactions in membrane proteins. It allows users to generate projections of 3D helices, no matter what their deviations from canonicity may be, and thanks to adapted coloring schemes eases the comprehension of their interactions in these projections.
Other : See the Ptuba page for further information (1 sept 2010).

Name : GROMOS 96 45a3
Description : This force field for use with GROMACS and was developed specifically for simulations of lipids and detergents. The force field is based on GROMOS96 43a1 and extended with the parameters given by the article "An improved GROMOS96 force field for aliphatic hydrocarbons in the condensed phase." Journal of Computational Chemistry 22: 1205-1218 Lukas D. Schuler, Xavier Daura, Wilfred F. van Gunsteren (2001). The initial work was performed by Christoph Riplinger and was later corrected and completed by Jaime Arce ( and Alessandra Villa (
Download : ffG45a3.tar.gz (47492 bytes) 19 July 2004
Other : This force field is currently under evaluation