Name : P-tuba : Projections of Transmembrane helices Using B-spline Algorithm
Description : Projection of Transmembrane helices using a Uniform B-spline Algorithm is a visualisation tool for helical interactions in membrane proteins. It allows users to generate projections of 3D helices, no matter what their deviations from canonicity may be, and thanks to adapted coloring schemes eases the comprehension of their interactions in this projections.
V1.2 VMD plugin (need VMD instalation with python support for graphical features)
Download : Linux distribution 1 sep 2010
V1 Stand-alone software
Download : source distribution (1.0) 10 aug 2007
Download : Windows standalone (1.0) 10 aug 2007
Download : Mac Os X standalone (1.0) 10 aug 2007
Other : A server will be eventually available.