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Novembre 2010


Douzi B, Ball G, Cambillau C, Tegoni M, Voulhoux R. (2011) Deciphering the Xcp Pseudomonas aeruginosa type II secretion machinery through multiple interactions with substrates.

JBC cover : Gram-negative bacteria have developed sophisticated secretion machineries for the efficient transport of proteins across their double-membrane envelope. The type II secretion system is specialized in the transport of folded proteins from the intermembrane compartment to the extracellular milieu. The cover illustrates the first model of substrate recognition and transport during the type II secretion process. The model is supported by multiple in vitro interactions found between substrate and purified components of the machinery. For details see the article by Douzi et al., pages 40792-40801. Graphic work was done by Y. M. Cully


28 Octobre 2010

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Decembre 2010

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